The Hub

The Hub

Our hospitality training programme is open to all ages, whether 18 or 65, all year round. The only requirements are that applicants hold no previous experience and have a strong work ethic.

As well as gaining formal qualifications accredited by City & Guilds, ‘rookies’ will experience what it means to work in the day-to-day operation of hospitality venues, as well as have the unique opportunity to experience exciting and informative external trips with a range of established hospitality partners.

“What we want to offer at The Hub is not only a practical training programme but life-changing experiences, beginning with being handed an alarm clock to help with those early mornings and a ‘rookie’ badge. Those who succeed will not only receive graduation honours, they will receive a job guarantee at either one of our venues or one of our carefully selected partners.”

Managing Director – Edward Barlow

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to join The Hub, please send your CV to vacancies@16hospitality.local

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Download a copy of ‘The Rookies Journey’ here.